My Moon Calendar

My Moon Calendar 1.03

View the different phases of the moon


  • Shows Moon age and distance data
  • Mark days of the calendar for your diet


  • Lacks tasks and appointment settings
  • No pictorial references to Moon phases

Not bad

We often take the Moon for granted, although, of course, it is actually very important to life here on Earth, controlling stuff like the tides, menstrual cycles and werewolves.

As a result, it can sometimes be useful to check on the phases that the Earth's only natural satellite is in.

Another big reason for checking the lunar calendar is if you are on this new-fangled 'Moon diet' that everyone keeps talking about.

Apparently it's got nothing to do with eating just cheese, but is in fact a weight-loss plan based around eating less (or just fluids) for the four day period around the new moon.

My Moon Calendar gives you all the information you need to follow this diet or anyone who regularly needs to check the different phases of the Moon.

The app gives you information on the different phases of the Moon in calendar format. It also gives you information on the age of the Moon and its distance from the Sun on that given day.

If you're on this Moon diet thing then the program is great as it lets you mark each day on the calendar as a fruit juice, or water, or soup, or whatever day, helping you toi stick to your regime.

The trouble is, if you're not on the diet the functionality of the app is a calendar is pretty limited. I would've liked to see pictorial representations of the Moon's phases, or the ability to create tasks and appointments and use this as a normal calendar too.

After all, how many times are you actually thinking about the Moon?

If you're following a lunar diet then My Moon Calendar is an essential download, if not, you probably won't get much use out of it.

My Moon Calendar is a full featured moon calendar showing moon phase, age and distance from the Earth for each day. It is ideal for women who are frequently on a diet and who always wonder when is the best time to start it.

Each day can be marked as water, fruit or juice fast, which allows you to easily keep track of the diet. You can choose from three skins which will give different appearance of the application.

My Moon Calendar


My Moon Calendar 1.03

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